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Art Director


​From Macc determination and aim of his thought, he always believed every to be married couples will have their desire wedding photos and capture their wedding ceremony. So, Our mission is to make your dream unforgettable.
Macc has been in his industry for 16 years. His forte is wedding photos, “human sculpture” photography utilizing lighting, natural light, telling matrix couple’s story through photography and constantly produce innovation and creativity.

In the coming year or two, individualise wedding ceremony will be in fashion, especially pre-wedding photography while including the couple’s preferred theme. Example favourite pet companion; or a main theme for the wedding. Regardless pre-wedding or actual day photography , we can linked those photography together as one with common photography available.

In addition, we are able capture the unique location and produce state of the art photos while capturing wedding photo aboard. Newlyweds level of acceptance on photography design have vastly increased. The makeup and fashion had become increasingly cementing. This is believed of gain ideology to be incorporated into photography. Therefore, fashion dabs will slowly take over traditional wedding photos and become variation.
Macc has have several world’s recognition awards. Below are the awards that he won :
- Master Photographers Association,UK.
- Member of Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers (UK).
- Member of Wedding Expertise Association, Malaysia.
- WPPI (USA) Multiple Award in Bride & Groom Together Category.
- WPPI (USA) Multiple Award in Bride Only
- Interview by online magazine 2013-
- Interview By: Nanyang Press holdings Bhd (My Wedding  Magazine),      2014 & 2015.
- Guest speaker for EOS DSLR Malaysia, Penang.
- Pro lighting equipment GAMILIGHT    Brand Ambassador.
- Asiawpa,HK excellent award winning photographer.
- Asiawpa-IWPA excellent award winning photographer.
- Panelist of WPC 2016.
-PPAC,Asia { } 
  Potraits Bronze Award 2016
  Creative Potrait Silver Award 2016
-PPAC World Star Master

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